Our Services

C-Change offers coaching services in the following areas:

Executive Coaching

For organisations and their leaders and managers. Executive Coaching supports the development of managers' leadership capability and enhances their ability to develop and implement effective strategies to deal with the demands of their work, resulting in improved confidence, motivation and focus.


Executive and Leadership Team Coaching and Development

For executive and senior management teams seeking to review their strategic direction and ensure their leadership is delivering the desired results. Also for departmental or project teams wishing to improve teamwork, change the way they do things or step up performance.


Personal Development Coaching

For individuals seeking independent coaching solutions. Confidential time and space for you to understand who you are, what it is you really want and what you need to do to make it happen so you can take effective action.


Public Speaking Coaching and Effective Public Speaking Courses

Coaching in public speaking and presentations is helpful for anyone who has to speak in public, whatever the context. Enhance your ability to communicate with impact so you can reach new levels of confidence and ability when you speak.



The coaching has been both fun and challenging and has increased my self awareness and focus.