We keep the identity of all individual coachees confidential. However, many have been kind enough to share with us what coaching has given them. Here is a selection of their testimonials.


"As a result of the coaching I have gained confidence in my own abilities and a reflective insight into the strengths and weaknesses in my own approaches to management and leadership. I now communicate more clearly, using my own language such that authenticity comes across in my 'management voice' and I am able to cope with the complex negotiations involved in managing differing personalities. Overall I have no doubt I am a more successful and confident manager." Senior Manager, Public Sector


"Working with Charlotte helped me to achieve a significant business and financial goal and at the same time a balanced focus on my personal well being during a time of major change in my life. This has given me a renewed confidence in my ability to achieve my goals. As my coach Charlotte was enthusiastic and energetic and totally focused on me as her client. She was disciplined yet flexible, providing feedback, insights and encouragement throughout. Her extensive business experience was invaluable in helping me think through my strategies for success." Management Consultant, Telecoms Sector


"Charlotte enabled me to look at my approaches and attitudes through powerful listening and questioning and interpretation of what I said. As a result I achieved a re-think on various ways in which I can approach communication and developed my ability to think strategically." Business Manager, Public Sector


"Working with Charlotte has been a positive and life changing experience in many facets of my life, not just business. Charlotte's coaching sessions were thought provoking and empowering. They made me set aside time to really question what makes me work as a person. At the end I felt much more focused and motivated. One of my actions while working with Charlotte was to re-evaluate my business values. This resulted in me seeking out an exciting business opportunity which, in turn, has led to a challenging and stimulating new career." Sole Trader, High Tech sector


"Charlotte's coaching kept me firmly focused and encouraged me to reflect, explore reasons and possibilities, find solutions and set myself manageable goals which would move me forward. As a result of the coaching I feel really positive and excited about the plans I have and the possibilities I can create from myself. Charlotte's coaching style was confident, clear, practical and direct while showing empathy, humour and understanding. I felt confident in her professional abilities and trusted her." Business Owner, Retail Sector


"The coaching has been both fun and challenging and has increased my self awareness and focus. I have had an opportunity to look above the parapets on a regular basis, to reflect on my goals and strategy and examine some of my presumptions. The various models used have proved very helpful in thinking about my approach and attitudes and in relating to others with differing approaches." Departmental Manager, Higher Education


"The challenge I faced was managing, and communicating with, the people who work for me; I wasn't sure how to go about it. Charlotte helped me with really practical advice and approaches and also coached me in being confident and more relaxed in myself when dealing with people. As a result I was able for the first time to conduct a performance appraisal successfully and have a productive discussion with a member of staff about absences from work. Charlotte's business experience enables her to act as a mentor as well as a coach when this is required, and this was just what I needed.' Managing Director, SME in Telecoms Sector


"By listening carefully, asking thought provoking questions and reflecting back and clarifying what I said, Charlotte facilitated me to develop insight into, and get clear about, what I'm committed to and passionate about. I gained the confidence to shift my position, be clear about what I want and make powerful requests. The process also helped me to identify and 'own' my values, strengths and abilities. As a result I'm excited by the future and what lies ahead." Senior Manager, Higher Education


"Before embarking on coaching with Charlotte, I had no idea what the process involved – and frankly I was relatively sceptical about what might be achieved. But I am absolutely delighted with the results. Charlotte has helped me fulfil ambitions in several different areas of my life which, without her help, I am sure I would not have realised. Charlotte's coaching enabled me to sort out what I wanted, tackle barriers to achieving it and in the process I gained increased confidence in myself. Her approach was structured, incisive and sensitive, and highly professional in all respects. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a personal development coach." Marketing Professional


"Charlotte encouraged me to 'stop' and reflect on my progress to date....something I rarely get an opportunity to do. The process has taught me the importance of reflection and how to feed this back into my practice and leadership. My motivational levels have risen as a result of positive, personal, constructive feedback." Senior Manager, Public Sector


 "Working with Charlotte has had a hugely positive impact on my life, both personally and professionally.  Through our coaching sessions I have been able to work towards a deeper understanding of what motivates me, the internal and external barriers which have been holding me back from achieving my full potential and the specific actions I can choose to take to improve how I feel about my life, my work and my relationships.  The most outstanding thing about working with Charlotte was the way in which she gave me space and encouragement to reach my own conclusions by asking incisive questions and seeking to understand my communication on both a verbal and non verbal level.  It was a real relief to work on my 'blocks' in a supportive, confidential and non-judgemental environment. 

I would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone who is looking for Coaching and I hope to work with her again in the future on fresh challenges!"  K. Thomas, Personal Development Coaching Client


"Charlotte was especially helpful in drawing goals out of me that I did not admit before were things I wanted to achieve. She enabled me to achieve all my goals, which at the outset I didn't think was remotely possible. Her coaching showed insight, patience and understanding, valuing me and my qualities. I particularly appreciated her balanced objective perspective and the useful tools and approaches she suggested which will continue to be of use to me in sustaining my success." Small Business Owner


I have no doubt I am a more successful and confident manager.