Public Speaking Coaching

Enhance your ability to communicate with impact - develop your own unique 'voice' - reach new levels of confidence and ability when you speak.

What impact do you currently create when you speak? Are you credible, confident, persuasive and able to influence others?

Giving presentations and speeches, speaking in meetings or interviews or special occasions; all create an impression and you want it to be the one you intend. You may have great ideas, knowledge and skills but if you can't get your message across you will fail to achieve your aims.

Public Speaking Coaching

Ideal for those who want to create more impact with their teams, peers, clients, customers or other audiences. For those in a leadership position, finding your authentic leadership 'voice' is an integral part of your authority. Through intensive practice, feedback and coaching you will understand how you come across and focus on specific areas where you can enhance your approach.

Effective Public Speaking Courses

Coaching in public speaking and presentations is helpful for anyone who has to speak, whatever the context. Working in small groups, you will discover:

  • The impact you create when you speak
  • What works well and what can be improved
  • How to inform, influence or inspire your audience

How to get started

Register your interest in our public speaking coaching or effective public speaking courses through our contact form or get in touch for a confidential discussion.

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Public speaking coaching is provided by C-Change Director Charlotte Hitchings. Charlotte is a founder member and previous President and VP Education of Voice of Wales (Toastmasters International).
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Her approach was structured, incisive and sensitive, and highly professional in all respects. I would not hesitate to recommend her.