Case Studies

Internal Coach Development: International Brewing Company

Corporate Sector

This well known international brewing company was seeking to develop managers as internal coaches. The project, delivered via executive coaching business lifetimeswork, involved design and delivery of workshops on coaching skills for managers and 1-1 'coach the coach' sessions with participants over a 6 month period.


The workshops were designed to develop coaching skills for participants through a mix of theory and context based exercises to suit all learning styles. One to one coaching sessions were provided following the workshops to continue the development of skills and confidence through reflection and practice back in the workplace between coaching sessions. A separate project was also delivered via lifetimeswork for this client developing mentoring skills for senior managers via self assessment against mentoring competencies, a highly interactive workshop and subsequent one to one feedback on skills and development areas. 

"Thought provoking – challenging- stretching – fun." Coach Development Programme participant.


Her approach was structured, incisive and sensitive, and highly professional in all respects. I would not hesitate to recommend her.